Project Manager

Job Title : Project Manager

Relevant Experience (Yrs) : 5-8 years

Job Description :

  • The Project Manager (PM) position plays a key role in various multi-functional projects critical to Magellan Health Services in achieving its financial goals and objectives. PM services can be requested by senior-level department managers. The PM can also be assigned to a key project by Magellan corporate senior management. The PM’s responsibility is to direct project personnel and coordinate project resources to bring the project to its successful conclusion.

Essential Functions:

  • Meet with business process owners and other appropriate personnel to identify the project’s goals, objectives, critical success factors, and success measures.
  • Report project status and apprise management of issues requiring resolution in order to maintain progress on a timely basis.
  • Identify initial project team members.
  • Conduct a cost/benefit analysis to be used in determining overall project viability.
  • Develop an appropriately detailed project plan.
  • Manage and coordinate project resources and personnel.
  • Conduct inter-functional area or inter-departmental project meetings as needed.
  • Develop and report key indices related to project expense and anticipated benefit in conjunction with Magellan finance department personnel.
  • Perform liaison duties between functional department personnel and information technology department personnel throughout the project duration as needed.


Duration: 6 months

Work Location : Saint Louis, MO